Software-Defined Storage Concepts


This micro-course is available as part of a subscription to the VMware IT academy or can be accessed for free from NDG.

Length: 8-12 hours

Delivery Method: Instructor Led, Self Paced

Through VMware IT Academy, Software-Defined Storage Concepts provides an overview of the key concepts related to storage in the data center and attributes of software-defined storage. It also introduces the hyperconverged infrastructure and storage vSAN™. Upon completion of this micro-course, the learner will have the basic understanding of storage virtualization, the software-defined data center, and basics of vSAN architecture. Additionally, the learner will be able to identify types of software-defined storage, the layers of a software-defined storage model, and components of a hyperconverged storage vSAN.

  • Learn key concepts related to storage in the data center
  • Understand software-defined storage concepts
  • Describe the architecture, technical characteristics, and benefits of vSAN
  • Compare the functionalities and performance of vSAN with other traditional storage options
  • Gain basic information about the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure