Cloud and Virtualization Concepts


This micro-course is available as part of a subscription to the VMware IT academy or can be accessed for free from NDG.

Length: 9 hours

Delivery Method: Instructor Led, Self Paced

Through VMware IT Academy, Cloud and Virtualization Concepts provides the learner with the knowledge needed to start a career in the digital world. Upon completion of this micro-course, the learner will be aware of the basics of virtualization and the data center. The learner will be able to set up and manage a virtual machine.

The Cloud and Virtualization Concepts will enable you to:

  • Explore creating a virtual machine and the benefits
  • Move from a physical environment to a virtual one
  • Describe types of virtualization used for data centers
  • Describe virtualization, virtual machines, hypervisors, and VMware vSphere® components
  • Describe the concepts of server, network, storage, and desktop virtualization
  • Understand how individuals and businesses benefit from virtualization
  • Understand cloud concepts such as types of cloud computing and popular cloud deployment models
  • Access embedded videos and labs to help you along the way